Monday, June 8, 2009

No other place like HOME

Seriously I'm not really in on doing this updating. Tomorrows the DRUG exam. I'm burst up reciting all those insanely named drugs. BTW, just want to share a non-profit movie made by some whacked up environmentalists screening up the world pollution. Its worth a watch to get some notes whats really happening to the earth. Someday it'll end up like the Wall-E earth. Perhaps. Anyway enjoy the movie. I'll be back after the exams. Hope so.
Wish me luck~

Friday, April 17, 2009

documentaries for dummies~

bored? this MVGroup forum collects all sorts of documentaries you can imagine.
so if you have a feeling of not wasting your time watching baseless movies instead gaining bits of info's of this and that...explore and download these loads of torrents!!! kind a need a bit of registration, but its not a big deal...anyway ENJOY!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What about Medicine?

Have you ever wondered why Ibn Sina, a great scholar in the 10th century, during his age of 17 described medicine as "not difficult"? Absurd huh? we're claiming that this long 'journey to be a doctor' thing is hell difficult, and only the best among those in the past 2ry school results are able to carry such a subject. And yet its still remains one of most challenging branches of knowledge for such minds. Getting stuck in medical school for 6 years really makes us sick (plus 'you know what' about Egypt). So, how did Ibn Sina make it so simple?

There's no doubt that he is a complete genius. Mastering grand bits of knowledge as Muslim Jurisprudence, Philosophy Metaphysics, Astronomy, Medicine all at the same time. In fact, he's already a physician at the age of 18. Simple maths, he gained all that big chunk of knowledge in 1 single year~!. Can you believe that~ Not to mention, he wrote his first book at the age of 21. That is where me and my colleagues are right now. Kinda feel dumb huh~ compared to him.

Leaving all that, here's what I think about Medicine. To me, the real challenge of the world that I'm involved in right now and others, lies when we become a real doctor, in hospitals and treating patients. List all you can the hardships in your future carrier in being a doctor. Lets take the 2 years of housemanship for example.
1. as a freshman, you'll obviously be the chicken in the hospital. Moving here and then as if you're the only staff at work.
2. the sense of ego being graduated as a doctor drives you to feel that your powerful and feeling as the chief in charge, yet if you try to boast around, the nurse, especially the old and grumpy ones, will turn your back at you, and you will find that you're alone.
3. you show your anger to the nurses or other staff and to the patients, you'll be disrespected, and people will vow to leave you at the edge of the world. (so control your temper mate)
4. you'll be working around the clock day and night, the hospital will be your home sweet home by then.
5. being a Fish, you will have the highest chance of making mistakes, then being scold by senior doctors and nurses, getting smacked by patients and any heart-biting responses.
6. if your married, think about your wives and husbands, your kids
7. having a thought of quitting, maybe~(na3uzubillah).
and many more to be thought of~

You see how much you will face just in the first 2 years of carrier as a doctor. Those are just some that has been discussed with my friends in the last SC. So what about now, as a student. Why is there a feeling that learning all this medical stuff is so difficult whilst Ibn Sina said the opposite. To me, the main key to excel as a medical student is simply just hard work or in Malay 'rajin'. Squeeze your brain to list the techniques and methods of how to make a good study, but if you have the 'lazy disease', the lists just doesn't work and fades off.

Some people say that you need to make half of the hours in your day to be devoted to study and study and then more study. Congrats to those who have the sprit to do so, I really admire such people, but then at the end of the day, I think all you get is what you spent together with book. I'm not saying its bad, but where will be the diversity of knowledge and personality that you have to develop during your lifetime as a student to face whatever you'll facing in the future. Me, for instant, I just cannot stand to face a book for long periods, max. 1.5 hours or less. Then I'll go off doing something else. Better said than done huh? where goes my hard work thing? Well, the definition of hard work are sometimes specific and unique for each person. Me, I consider 1.5 hrs per session of study as 'rajin', bwahhaha~ but be smart

Another thing that I want to express about medicine. If you notice, medicine is a subject of language. Its like you learn languistic but in a medical pattern. Simply if you understand a sentence stating an issue as Type 1 diabetis, you'll surely understand about it. What makes medicine so difficult for us is that you got to remember a load of names as drugs, classifications of things, parasites, pathogens, diseases and more. How to remember those ocean and sick terms... = rajin la. No other option. That is why you don't need to be a genius to learn medicine. Even normal people out there can know medicine simply by Googling or ask Prof Wikipeida. So what makes us better than them? Were doctors to be, just put some effort in studying and memorizing stuffs, improve your reading and language skills, manage your time well and relationship with people, then all will go fine and by the will of Allah, InsyaAllah you'll get good marks in the exam. If you can't even face a simple challenge as a Medical Student, how do you hope to face them as a Doctor??
Good luck studying for exam.

[it's always about the exam-sigh~]

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stuff Puff~~

Just happen to come across this wonderfull video, describing about the daily things that you buy and shop. We buy, we use and throw away, but do you really know the impacts of such of our actions and the secret behind it??? The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. Annie Leonard explains, enjoy~

Thursday, April 2, 2009


If you feel bored, try play this silly but cute game. Kinda waste to ure time, but y not try..
My Brute

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Malaysia's New Prime Minister!!

Hey, believe it or not..Malaysia is going to have a new prime minister this Friday.
The long waited Najib Tun Razak is going to have the highest power in the government of Malaysia soon enough. Question rises, is he capable of leading Malaysia to continue its so called glories and magnificent achievement's since Independence despite his hideous Altantunya case or his plays with "politik wang"? Perhaps other controversial events that might have not been told by the media? Who know's?

Well, like it or not, he's gonna be our new leader. Here's some facts throughout Najib's background and you judge yourself whether he is qualified or not.

Birth : 1953, Kuala Lipis, Pahang
Father : Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (2nd Prime Minister)
Mother : Toh Puan Rahah Mohamad Noah

1. St John Institution, Kuala Lumpur
2. Maven Boy's College, Worchestershire, England
3. University Of Nottingham, England (Degree in Industrial Economy, 1974)

Involvement in Politics
1. Elected as a Parliament member at the age of 23 (youngest member ever) after winning the Pekan Parliamentary seat (replacing his late father when he died in 14 Januari 1976).
2. Deputy Minister of Power, Telekom and Posts in 1978 (25 y/o). Also Deputy Minister of Education and Deputy Minister of Finance.
3. In 1982-1986, he became the Chief Minister of Pahang after winning the Bandar Pekan DUN seat.
4. 1986 - Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
1990 - Ministry of Defense
1995 - Ministry of Education
5. After the 1999 General Elections, he replace Datuk Seri Abdullah as the Minister of Defense and later became the Deputy Prime Minister in 6 Januari 2004. He is also the current Minister of Finance.

information source: malaysia kini

Quite of a colourful background words to Najib..."Please lead our country well, bring more justice and peace at the same time not forgetting the basic Islamic Principles..". Good luck all Malaysians~

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who created evil if there is God?

Assalamualaikum..we meet again after again 2 weeks of absence.
Busy?, nope, just don't have the mood to update..
Anyway, this post will explain a trivial question that might have been playing in our minds since, i dunno, if your really start thinking about it, Why did ever god created evil?
The ideas written have been customized from a lecture given by Syakh Yasir Qahdi, an active daie in the States.
So lets begin...

The question rises like this, if there is a god who creates, then did this god
created evil, if He didnt't created it, who else created it? Or simply the question could be, did god create evil or not?

Every different religion has offered different responses to this question. In fact even within religions, we have various movements within Islam, within Christianity, within Judaism, within the Hindus that has tried to give response to the issue
Theodessy, or the question of god and evil. If there is a god, and f there is evil, what is the relationship between the two, a profound and deep question that cannot be explained by anybody or by simple words. This what Syaikh Yasir explained.

Muslims have a deeper and more profound response to this and that is as follows,

1. First and foremost, we as Muslim does not believe that there is anything that is pure evil and we do not believe in the existence of an ultimate evil. Everything that the God has created has some benefit and some good. Some things have nothing but benefit and good, but there is nothing that comes from God that is pure evil. Some of the matters that god reveals or sends down, for example the speech of god
or gods revelation, the messengers, they are good and pure in of themselves. The book of god is nothing but purity and good. No aspect of anything negative. Believing it is good, reciting it is good, worshiping god through it is
good, reading is good, everything about it is good.

2. Gods creation also usually have good and little bit of harm as well, but this harm is not an intended harm. It is a harm that comes about not because God created it to do harm, but because there a lot of good, and there is some harm also in there and the harm leads to good. The harm that is present in any aspect brings about good. For example, God says that drinking alcohol has some good to it, there is some positive, but there's also bad, and the bad outweighs the good. Even alcohol is not pure evil, there's some good that comes out of it. Of course Allah forbids us to drink alcohol.

In fact, even the creation of satan has some good. Satan in generality speaking is the embodiment of evil, but still there is some good out of it. Whats the good in there? Well the fact that you know that there is an enemy out there trying to harm you, trying to mislead you, it makes you concious, it puts your guards up. The fact that you will enter paradise by not obeying satan is good for you. It might not be good for the satan, but its good for you. So every element, of the creation is either pure good, or there is good and bad, and there is no such thing as pure evil.

3. Human will never be able to judge what evil is completely, especially in the actions of God around you. When somethings happens, tsunami wave happens, a thunderstorm happens, tremendous disaster, how it came? a tornado, earthquake. People will say, why did these evil happen to us? and the response is, in deed some evil came after that no body can deny it, but there is also good that comes out of it. What is the good that comes out of it? Mankind shows their true nature in their sympathy and mercy. They send money, they send food, they come together at times of distress and so on.
Its simple logic, if there were people who striving, how could you show your generosity? If was no evil, how could you show your good. So there has to be some negatives, in order for you to bring the positives.

4. There's another aspect as well, you can say okay fine you understand that when there is a tsunami wave, I can be generous to the people who are affected and so god
rewards me. How about the people who suffered at that wave? who lost a child,
somebody who lost their parents. How about them? The response is very simple. You are judging the negatives and the positives based on this world and your forgetting that there is something that is called the hereafter, and that is possible that the reward that the person gets in the hereafter for a problem that he or she suffers
is much more than if he did not suffer that problem at all.

In fact, if your patient, and you put your trust in god and you show your fortitude, your belief in god, believe that in the hereafter you would actually wanted more problems so that could of have showed more of your patience to get more reward. See the blessings of God, can you see how the god have rewarded you for your suffering. You would in fact wish, not in this world, because non of us wishes it, and thats natural, but in here after when its all gone and done, and you see the rewards of God, you would actually wish that, oh why wasn't I tested more so that I could be rewarded more.

5. A question, how many times have you done something, and you were so sure there was good in that thing, and then within a week a month, a year, you intergrated your decision, and oh man i've shouldn't have done that. I was a big mistake that I did it. How many times has it happen in your own daily life you thought something was good, and it turned out to be evil. Conversely as well, how many times that something happens to you, and you thought it bad, but then when in retrospect, in hind side, oh it was actually better that it would have happen. In other words, you know this in your own thoughtability, you know that in your own limited wisdom, when you experience your limited wisdom in your own daily life, why don't you just give up that wisdom to God, and say, you know what, God, you created me, gave me
everything that I have, you've taken me so far, I put my trust in you, and everything that happens, it happens for the best.

Nothing happens to you except that it is for your own good, wether you realize it or not, wether in this world or in the hereafter.

So to respond to the question in deep, everything of the world happens by the knowledge of the god and will of god , and god creates everything, we affirm that. But that doesn't mean that we ascribe evil to god. All that we say, that Allah created everything and portions of creation, some his creation has some good and bad, but even the evil in it, it leads to good, and it is necessary for evil to exist
in order to manifest the good. So leave it at that, and we put our trust in our judgement. We don't judge God. We say "oh Allah is the all wise, we know for our experiences, that our wisdom is limited"

In deed God knows what is best, and he is the most lovely and most merciful, and the
most wise. We leave that to him, and we say, Allah knows best. Why? everything that happens, it happens for a divine wisdom and decree. If you believe in god and you put your trust in him, and we have a firm commandment in the Quran, that everything that happens, happen for our own best, wether you realize it or not.

I hope that does answer the question in a very basic level. Of course there
is so much more we can say about it. This is the conclusion of this episode.

Thanx for reading till the end...:)