Monday, June 8, 2009

No other place like HOME

Seriously I'm not really in on doing this updating. Tomorrows the DRUG exam. I'm burst up reciting all those insanely named drugs. BTW, just want to share a non-profit movie made by some whacked up environmentalists screening up the world pollution. Its worth a watch to get some notes whats really happening to the earth. Someday it'll end up like the Wall-E earth. Perhaps. Anyway enjoy the movie. I'll be back after the exams. Hope so.
Wish me luck~


i am mai said...

wish you well and ALIVE. mom's crying like hell.

Learner said...
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Learner said...

"I'll be back after the exam. Hope so"

and we hope so..

"Ya Allah selamatkan lah sahabat kami ini, kerana hanya Engkau sahajalah yang Maha Berkuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu"

soliloquy said...
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Thaaqhib Mohammed said...

Salam, i'm not good in english, but i hope this note can speaks for itself.

Well, if you're watching this,
I'm glad. Because that means you're safe. And that's all I ever wanted. I wish I there with you. but let the Gen6 be at the first place.

we know each other only for a few months, around the end of 2008.

You know we spend some of our lives, by not saying the things we want to say. The things we should say. Sometimes, we put as silent something we feel and not expressing it, we send little messages as a tribute to each other. The others can't trace it, but i know, deep in your heart, you try to speak..

alhamdulillah, God sent your parent, and i spent a day with 'em. alhamdulillah. it's a big pleasure to me.

So now, plainly,simply, I want to say that you are such a VIP to me since you are more to a physicist..rather than a physician. I just knew it.

Please Ya Allah! Bring back my eckm. I just got to know him..! Please Ya Allah!!

for Islam. for family. for frens. for physic. for medic. for all

p/s : i watched ur featured HOME muvi, hours before the crash.

Ananz said...

we are still waiting a news bout u, our family in Kelantan... solat hajat tak henti2 semoga kamu cepat sembuh..

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